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What is Microcurrent?    
Microcurrent is a faint electric or magnetic current that is so small it is measured in millionths of an amp.  By comparison a TENS unit and most other electro-therapies produce milliamps, 1000 times greater.  Your own cells generate a current in the micro amp range and this is why you can’t feel it - the current is so low it doesn’t stimulate sensory nerves.  Microcurrent therapy has been in use for over 75 years. 

How does it work?    
Microcurrent is a physiological modality that increases ATP (energy) production in the cells of your body.  In doing so, this dramatically increases the tissue's healing rate.  The almost immediate response to the correct or specific microcurrent suggests that other mechanisms are involved as well.  The exact effects or changes that result from microcurrent frequencies have not been proven because no biopsies have been done after microcurrent has been applied.  Nevertheless the changes in the tissue are unmistakable; scars will often suddenly soften; trigger points often become less painful; swelling often drains within minutes when the “correct” frequency is applied.  In many situations the changes seen seem to be long lasting and in many cases permanent.   
“Microcurrent increases the production of ATP, your own chemical energy, by up to 500%.  It also increases protein synthesis and waste product removal.”  -Cheng, 1987

Why do the frequencies on the machine need to be changed?
Specific frequencies seem to induce specific effects on cells and other tissues.  For example there is a specific frequency for nerves, a different frequency for muscles, another for tendons, etc.  Frequency Therapy (FT) is thought to be good for cells, muscles, tendons, and nearly every aspect of your body are available.  In addition to each tissue having its own unique frequency, there is a specific frequency for each condition.  Thus there is a frequency for inflammation, a different frequency for scars, another to promote secretions, etc.  To address the different processes required by the tissue(s) involved, we need to know what is the underlying mechanism or injury.  Some FT devices automatically choose a series of frequencies that allows the treatment to run without a therapist changing the frequencies.  This is ideal for a home frequency treatment.

How do the frequencies work?  
We believe FT works on the principle of biologic resonance.  A singer can shatter a glass when the note resonates with the crystal structure of the glass. Microcurrent frequencies seem to be able to resonate with biologic tissue when the frequency is correct.  Once the tissue is changed and stable, it seems to be able to stay in the new configuration with proper nutritional support.  Animal research confirms that the frequency to reduce inflammation reduces inflammation by 62% in a mouse model.  Prescription drugs reduce inflammation by 45% in the same mouse research.  The FT reduced inflammation in other studies almost immediately as well.

Trigger points  
When an area of muscle or fascia gets damaged either by trauma or repetitive stress, local areas of tenderness or nodules may be found that either cause pain or referral to other areas.  By compression, stretching, and/or strain-counter strain with microcurrent therapy, soft tissue pain generators can be eliminated.  Your problem may be caused or exacerbated by poor biomechanics.  If this is the case, postural advice and exercises for strengthening may be indicated.

What about nutritional supplements?
We can help your body heal itself by mechanical and electrical means.  Nutritional support may help you maintain the improvement by supporting cellular health and detoxification of the tissues. Hydration with Purified or spring water, of approximately 60 ounces per day, is essential for Frequency Therapy.

Do the benefits last?  
Every patient responds individually but the changes to the muscles seem to be long lasting.  About 60% to 80% of the changes created in one treatment last until the next treatment, about four to seven days.  Your muscles are used to being the way they are and may return to the old configuration if not treated again.  Although patients have had permanent changes in one treatment, the average number of treatments depends on the complexity of the problem.  
Is there any risk?  
Your health/well-being is always our first concern.  There is no record of any permanent harm being done to anyone treated with Frequency Microcurrent.  Although not known to be dangerous, microcurrent is rarely used across the brain, in patients with pacemakers, or during pregnancy.  If you have a spinal cord injury or a disc bulge pressing on your spinal cord, be sure to tell your doctor.  Patients with pressure on the cord seem to have the normal side effects of treatment greatly magnified.  Be sure to tell your doctor/therapist if your reaction is very severe.  All of these reactions to treatment have been temporary.  Of course, the biggest side effect is using the microcurrent for something that needs to be addressed by a different method.  Delaying appropriate treatment is always a concern when the condition does not improve or the outcome is much worse if another treatment is delayed. People with pacemakers should only use Microcurrent above the clavicle and below the waist. Woman who are pregnant should not use microcurrent, since there is not enough research in this area.

What are the side effects?
Resonance appears to change the muscle tissue, removing long stored waste products and increasing cellular metabolism so quickly that there may be a detoxification reaction after treatment.  Some people have similar reaction after a massage but the reaction after microcurrent is stronger because we do so much in such a short period of time.  The side effects can include nausea, fatigue, drowsiness, or a temporary increase in pain or a flu-like feeling.  The side effects usually start about 90 minutes after treatment and may last from 4 to 24 hours.  Not everyone has side effects.  Some people increase range of motion and physical activity so much that they have temporary symptoms in muscles and joints near the treated area.

What can I do about the side effects?
Liver detoxification pathways deal with the by-products from the muscles.  Not only should you be well hydrated with water before FT, you should drink at least two quarts of purified or distilled water in the two hours following FT.  If you feel the side effects return, drink more water, take additional supplements and it should pass in about 20 minutes.  Some treatment protocols do not produce a detox reaction.

Preparation for FT Therapy
Adequate hydration is essential for all FT treatments. You must drink 1 quart (4, 8oz glasses) of Water during the 2 hours prior to your appointment, and 1 quart of Water following the treatment. If you are not adequately hydrated, we may postpone your appointment.  Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. In some cases, you may change into a gown. You will not feel the current because it is in milliamps. You may experience alteration/reduction in pain or new sensations during the treatment. A sense of calm or sleepiness may occur. This indicates that a frequency is resonating with its intended target.

Office Therapy--Emm3™ Milligauss Two Channel Magnetic Field Stimulator

After a doctor's visit with Dr Flick, the patient may be prescribed Frequency Therapy. Usually 6 treatments will be prescribed within the next two to three weeks.

Your insurance may or may not cover these treatments depending on the carrier. Our staff can check if you are covered.

When a patient comes into the office for a treatment, Their prescribed frequencies will be noted in their file for whatever issues they may have.

A Certified Frequency Therapist will have them sit in a comfortable recliner and attach the magnetic coils to their body in the different places that pain exists.

Each issue has a frequency for the condition and a complementary frequency for the tissue or part that are run simultaneously, such as inflammation of the knee joint

Some patients will have multiple EMM3 devices for multiple issues. The treatment has no feeling, since the frequencies stimulate at the cellular level, unlike a TENS unit which gives a small electrical shock.

The Magnetic frequency devices produce a microcurrent 1000 times less than a TENS unit, but are more effective in stimulating cellular healing.

The treatment lasts for one hour. Some patients have immediate results and others may take three or four treatments to see any improvement.

With our clinic, we see about 70% of our patients receiving positive results.


The milligauss two channel magnetic field simulator is applied by magnetic inductor coils that are embedded in two circular discs.  

Each disc generates one specific frequency by means of three magnetic inductor coils.   

The yellow surface of the magnetic induction discs is placed toward to body but does not have to be touching the skin.  

The magnetic induction discs may be placed over fabric or materials that are non-magnetic or non-conductive.

 Although the frequency specific magnetic fields generated by each disc affect the whole body, the recommendation is to place the magnetic discs close to the area to be treated.

Take-Home Therapy--MR7

After the office treatments, patients may want to take a frequency device home for longer treatment therapy. They may either buy or rent a portable MR7 pulsed frequency device.
The Magnetic Resonance 7 (MR7) is an affordable, portable, programmable, light weight multichannel pulsed magnetic field frequency generator wellness device available to the general public.

The MR7 can be thought of as a tool that can be used to experience the effects of pulsed magnetic fields.  

The MR7 is the first seven channel pulsed magnetic field generator that is portable, light weight (weighs less than 4 oz.) and pocket size (3 inches in diameter).  The MR7 contains seven magnetic inductor coils that generate seven independent magnetic fields. Each inductor coil is powered by 100 milliwatts producing a magnetic field strength of 60 milligauss at the surface of the device.  The MR7 is powered by a lithium ion battery that is recharged by a USB cable from a wall charger or a PC.  Fully charged, the MR7 is powered for a minimum of 100 hours of continuous operation.  The MR7 has an Off/On button, a mini USB port and an LED light indicating that the device is operational or in need of charge.  The MR7 can play sequential frequency files for a specified number of cycles. 

For more information or to purchase go to WellnessPEMF.